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Businesses are heavily dependent on technology due to highly competitive market. Technology provides an extra edge to grow faster and sustain in market. Excel India provides you the complete range of business solutions.We believe in long term relationship with client. Putting business first is Excel India’s second nature. The key advantages of our services are cost effectiveness, quality work turnaround within the given time frame.

Each division provides services to specific business related requirements. Web development and search engine optimization division provides services to customers to extend their reach through World Wide Web. We ensure our customers to get good ranking in search engines. Excel India’s professionals have worked on E-Commerce, Hotel Reservation System, Real state solutions and Job Consultant portals etc. We provide industry specific software requirement which is scalable, reliable and expandable.

Our web development services provide static website development, search engine optimization, e-commerce solutions and specialized web solutions like hotel reservation system, real state solutions and job consultant solutions etc. We are working on these technologies Microsoft Technologies C#.net, VB.net, Asp.net, Ajax, Asp, • MS SQL Database,Java,PHP etc.

Our Services

Our company is engaged in the following services :


Excel India is a professional E-commerce developing company located in NOIDA, India. We have developed several e-commerce portals. Our e-commerce solution maximizes profit by focusing on increasing revenue and decreasing input costs. We provide architecture based solutions that provides highly functional technical infrastructure and provides the back-end management with tools that enable businesses to run efficiently. Our e-commerce solutions cover all the functionality that needed to sell products online. E-Commerce Shopping Cart– The shopping cart enables the customers to choose products, quantity and keep track of their shopping basket. The shopping cart functionality is also very easy to use and maintenance for store owners. We ensure that the technology that we use not only helps in meeting client current requirements but also has scope for future updates. Payment Gateway Integration – We integrates highly secured payment gateway for the client’s ecommerce websites. This service manages all the financial transactions and enables the customers to make online payments in secured manner. Dynamic Updates - After making live the ecommerce website, you may want to make changes in the products lists, specifications etc in future. We foresee this need and provide facilities for dynamic updates of certain elements in the website. Shipping Process Integration- This feature will enable your customers to keep track of the shipping process. They will know exactly when their products were picked up from the warehouse and when will they be delivered at their doorstep Search Engine Optimization – We help your business by pursuing high rankings in the search engines so that your esteemed customers can easily access your website. Excel India has helped several ecommerce stores to get listed on the top of the search engines' page results

Website Design & Development

Excel India is a professional website designing & developing company operating from NOIDA, India. We offer affordable web services for individuals, teams and organizations with the business potential hidden in world of internet. We always make an effort to render up-to-the-mark web design development services to our esteemed clients. Our web development service is capable of taking your website and business on new heights. With the help of Excel India’s efficient content management, excellent visuals and highly skilled professionals, we ensure our clients of truly world class web developing services. Our skilled professional website designers work dedicatedly to produce excellent images, our content writers work for quality content with relevant keywords which help your website to put on top position in major search engines like Google and Yahoo etc. And these combinations make excellent static web sites. Excel India’s maintenance services can help in giving a different look to your website so that it ranks high in the search engines. Our Maintenance activities includes implementing high quality images, replacing the website content with the new quality content, checking all the links if they are any broken link. We offer cost effective maintenance services.

Social Media Marketing

Excel India is an offshore company in the field of social media market.With increase in communication for organisations fosters brand awareness,customer sevices also improves with this.Excel India can establish your brand as a unique brand in field of Social Media marketing.Social media marketing plays a vital role to promote your brand in direct and positive manner among your desired group of customers.We enables you to communicate directly with customers.we use sophisticated social media marketing tools for your brands. With the help of social media marketing tools,we will promote your brand across multiple social media channel.Excel India is using set of robust social media marketing technical platform, which can easily integrate the latest social networks as they become available.with our help,you can occupied with new and existing customers on multiple social media channels whome we can monitor through their mentions about brands,competitor’s industry terms and sentiments.After vigilant analysis,we will create and distribute the substantial contents though multiple social media channels such as facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn,Pinterest etc.Hence using our social media tools,we can do mass publishing of your brands content and target the desired users.

Email Marketing

Email marketing service of Excel India helps you to deliver customize messages in bulk to desired groups of your database and engage with them in social media space.With the help of email marketing,we can help you to establish direct relationship with customers which is substantial for your buisness. Email marketing is undertaken by our professionals only after a detailed analysis is being done on the current and prospective buyers of your products and services.With help of our Email marketing Tools we send mails that are integral part of social media landing pages.Our team’s expertise aim is to provide an easy and approachable way of giving you important strategic assistance for your business.By this you are better equipped as compare to your competitors with the most effective email campaign.Excel India combines technology, insights & analytics and industry expertise that can provide you with quick and effective solutions for email marketing.It’s vital to preserve a list of targeted customers with whom we can connect, communicate and also ensure optimum conversions. We can help you to do better targeting millions of prospective customers and then build your entire email campaign accordingly.With help of our email developers,we design a unique customized email. We will provide a creative and technological expertise in designing an email, using our creative concepts and brand development ideas. Furthermore, we can create personalized landing pages focussing on the email campaign content and better customer experience.

Online Advertising

Online Marketing plays a vital role in overall marketing mix of an organization, as the percentage of internet consumer spending grows, more and more businesses are allocating portions of their budgets to online advertising. Being seen by your audience is only half the battle won. To drive return on investment or return on advertising spend, a thorough and diversified online advertising strategy must be in place, one that combines PPC, PPA, PPI and social media marketing tactics for optimal performance of the campaign.Excel India provides an integrated online advertising campaigns that exposes to prospective buyers. Once a campaign begins, we track pertinent information such as traffic, conversions and user behavior. Our approach to online advertising combines creative messaging with required back-end analysis, to see what’s working and what could work better.Our Online Advertising services include:Online Ad Strategy Before spending time, we determine which PPC engines (Yahoo, Google, MSN, Ask etc.) and banner ad networks (DART, 24/7, Blogosphere, etc.) are most suitable. Target budgets for PPC and PPI campaigns are set, while ideas for creative and promotional campaigns are conceived and organized.Media Planning & Placement Occurring simultaneously with ad strategy, online media planning and placement is employed in an ongoing effort. It ties in closely with analytics to determine which networks, creative ads and keywords are yielding the best conversion rates.Bid Management Facilitates bidding and controls budgets on thousands of keyword phrases for all of search engines. Copy-writing It’s a scientific fact the wording of titles and descriptions impacts click-through rates, especially for paid searches. For example, using the same titles and descriptions for “cars” and “used cars” is a classic mistake and lost targeting opportunity. Time-consuming as it is, Excel India experiments with variations and writes targeted copy for each keyword phrase to ensure optimal client benefit. Rich Media Banner Design Movement and interaction within banner ads attracts higher click-through rates. The goal is to design a series of interactive banner ads relative to different types of products. This gets the client into consumer psychology and behavioral targeting. Interested to read more about online marketing please visit Wikipedia Services

SEO Services

Search Engine Optimizatin plays an important role to ensure sucess and growth of an organisation.Search Engine optimization is a technique to enhance public relations.If an organisation product and services is not found by desired customers in search engines,then you are missing out on a significant number of prospective customers who are looking for information regarding your product, service or organization. Your website must be at top i search engine,so that your prospective customers can access information about your product,services and organistions.So it is very important to take a corrective step so that there is no harm too your brand.Excel india is a well established Search Engine Optimization proovider company in India for renowed search Engine Optimization services.Our main objective is to provide substantial Search engine services so the prospective customers can fetch the desired information about your product,services and organisation.By virtue of Search engine Optimization technique you can take over your competitors.Before we do Search Engine Optimization, we do proper research for your business, understand your objectives and analyze your customer’s current tastes and preferences. Since search engine optimization is a continuous ongoing process we keep optimizing your website for search engines by periodically measuring the key performance indicators and optimizing your business accordingly. We can help you achieve success by constantly innovating and implementing new ideas which can boost the presence of your products and services online.

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